Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL)

ACAL is an annual conference dedicated to the study of African languages and linguistics, held (generally) in the spring. The next meeting, the 45th ACAL , will be held at the University of Kansas from April 17-19, 2014. The last meeting, the 44th ACAL , was held at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. March 7th to 10th of 2013.

Questions or comments about the conference in general can be sent to the steering committee (composed of Akin Akinlabi (Rutgers), Lee Bickmore (SUNY Albany), Eyamba Bokamba (U. Illinois), Tucker Childs (Portland State University), Laura Downing (Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft), Lioba Moshi (U. Georgia) John Mugane (Harvard))

Conference Proceedings

The new publisher of the ACAL proceedings is Cascadilla press, starting with ACAL35, held at Boston University in 2004. Earlier volumes of ACAL proceedings, from ACAL25 to ACAL34, can be obtained from Africa World Press. Africa World Press Inc. & The Red Sea Press Inc. 541 WEST INGHAM AVENUE SUITE B TRENTON NJ 08607 (609) 695-3200 Fax (609) 695-6466 email:



Stanford Monographs in African Linguistics

African publications of LINCOM EUROPA

Journal of African Languages and Linguistics

Studies in African Linguistics (published at Ohio State University)

Malilime: Malawian Journal of Linguistics is published by the Centre for Language Studies at the University of Malawi. Subscription information can be had by email to The editor may be contacted at regarding manuscript submission.

African World Press publishes a number of books on language as well as general African-related books. One of their recent publications includes Willy Kirkeby's English-Swahili Dictionary.

Rüdiger Köppe publishes many books on African languages and linguistics.



The ZAS Conference on Focus in African Languages will be held in Berlin October 6-8, 2005. Abstracts (1 page, 1 inch margins, 12 pt Times) for 30 minute presentations are due April 3, 2005. In connection with the conference there will be a Workshop on Information Structure in Bantu languages, Sunday, 9 October 2005. See the conference website at The mailing address is FiAL, ZAS, Jaegerstr. 10-11, D-10117 Berlin, Germany, fax: +49-30-201.92.402. Email is sent to

The Gur Workshop will be held at the University of Bayreuth, Germany on 12 - 14 October 2005: Theme: "Aktuelle Fragen der Gursprachenforschung. Zwischen Ton und Text" ["Current questions in Gur Language Research: Between Tone and Text"]. The conference webpage is

The West African Linguistic Society sponsors a (generally biennial) conference, the West African Languages Congress (WALC). The Last congress was held at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2004.

WOCAL(the World Congress of African Linguistics) is held every three years. The last meeting was held in Addis Ababa in August 2006. The next meeting will be held in Cologne, Germany in 2009

The African Language Teacher's Association (ALTA) has a web page and a regular annual meeting.

Research projects and institutions

CBOLD, the Comparative Bantu Online Database project at Berkeley

African Language Data Archive, an FTP repository of data and papers on African languages, involving the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing at University of Kent, Canterbury and The Cambridge Institute for the Study of Pacific and African Languages.

The Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies has published many works on African languages.

Lee Bickmore's Languages of Zambia

Gene Gragg's Afroasiatic Index.

The Chadic Newsletter is now available online.

The Gur Languages page has information on Gur/Voltaic language studies.

The Nilotic Language Research page contains a number of links regarding research on Nilotic languages.

The Borno Studies page has much information on that region of West Africa

Jacky Maniacky's "Bantuist Finder" is a searchable database of email addresses of Bantuists; this page contains numerous other links.

A page on Luganda scientific terminology research is here.

University programs focusing on African languages and linguistics include the African Languages program at BU, the African Languages Department at U. Wisconsin, and we have 3 sites (in Dutch) for African Languages at Leiden (A, B, C).


We've also found individual web pages for a number of Africanists: Lee Bickmore, Tom Hinnebusch, John Hutchison, Hilda Koopman, Larry Hyman, Will Leben, Ian Maddieson, Sam Mchombo, Samuel Obeng,  Dave Odden, Russ Schuh, Hans-Ingolf Weier. Please let us know about others which we should list.

Other links

Stanford has a great search engine for any Africa-related topic; you may also want to look at the African Studies home pags at UPenn

This is page is under constant revision. Inclusion does not imply approval, exclusion does not imply disapproval (it implies ignorance on our part). If you know of information relevant to African language and linguistics, like a good URL, please let us know.


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